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Live Forensics is a rapidly growing and evolving field, clearly training and education on the processes required to successfully perform live forensics and analysis are top priorities for both the public and private sector in the coming year. Mike Webber, and the rest of the team at BitSec Forensics are clearly leaders in the forensics training industry, it’s a great privilege to have them as the first official training partner.”, says Matthew Shannon, Founder and Chief Architect of the F-Response software.

We are very excited to bring the new and remarkable capabilities of F-Response and Live Forensics to our training customers.” says Mike Webber, Founder and CEO of BitSec Forensics, Inc.

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F-Response ( ) enables virtually any eDiscovery, data recovery or forensics tool to be used over an IP network. It works by creating a network connection between the live subject machine and the examiner’s machine via raw (all sectors), physical, read-only access to the drives and now physical memory on the subject machine. Examiners can now conduct analysis of a subject computer over an IP network using their tools of choice.