BitSec combines rare talents in computer forensics and private investigatory work. I have never worked with a team that deals so well with the personal and technical aspects of complex, high-tech, high-risk investigations. I can well-understand why BitSec has a superb national and international reputation for its work. Kaighn Smith Jr., Shareholder at Drummond Woodsum,

Cyber Security

It’s no longer a question of when your network will be breached. Prevent attacks from becoming breaches and breaches becoming financial and reputational disasters.

BitSec Global Forensics and its trusted partners will help you post incident, reducing the impact of cyber-attacks by:

  • Identifying the security breach
  • Understanding how the security breach occurred
  • Identifying the actions of the attacker
  • Stopping the exfiltration of data
  • Determining what data was lost
  • Stopping the attack and secure the network
  • Assessment of notification requirements, insurance advocacy, defense in the event of litigation

Proactively addressing the risk of cyber-attacks before an incident occurs to reduce the impact, threat, and costs associated with data breaches.  BitSec has teamed with leading data security and legal advisors to offer our clients:

  • Incident response planning and strategies
  • Awareness training and readiness exercises
  • Vulnerability assessment of penetration risks and susceptibility to social engineering
  • Inventory of sensitive data (PII, IP, PCI) to identify potential targets and risks of non-compliance
  • Managed information security services to provide real-time threat analysis and rapid response by forensic experts

Our Team-Based Approach

  • Prepare
  • Detect and expose
  • Triage
  • Classify and contain
  • Remediate
  • Report and post-mortem analysis

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Excerpt from 2013 Data Breach Information Report

Excerpt from 2013 Data Breach Information Report (CLICK TO ENLARGE)