“We contacted {BitSec Global Forensics} to perform forensic examinations of several hard drives in connection with a contentious regulatory manner. From the start, Mike Webber was highly responsive, sensitive to the unique circumstances surrounding the request and in all respects completely professional. He worked very efficiently, and has a refreshing ability to explain computer forensics to those with no background in the subject.” Goverment Attorney


Digital Forensics

Law enforcement agencies, corporations and legal teams rely on digital forensics to provide credible and viable evidence as part of investigations and litigation. But how that information is obtained, how it is used in an on-going investigation and how it is presented in court is critical.

BitSec Global Forensics™ is a global leader in digital forensic examinations and training.  Our experts collect and preserve electronic stored information using court-approved tools and best-practice techniques. BitSec places great emphasis on producing reports that both you and the courts can understand. Chain of custody and each step of the forensic examination process are properly documented in language anyone can understand.

While no two cases are ever the same, BitSec’s experts are commonly engaged in cases such as loss of intellectual property, violation of non-compete agreements, violations of acceptable use policies, and external or internal security incidents.


  • Court-approved techniques for electronic data collection and storage
  • Documented chain of custody for each step of forensic examination
  • Expert analysis of collected data including deleted data
  • Expert testimony for deposition and trial testimony
  • Detailed reports

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