I have never worked with a team that deals so well with the personal and technical aspects of complex, high-tech, high-risk investigations. I can well-understand why BitSec has a superb national and international reputation for its work.” K. Smith – Shareholder, Drummond Woodsum







Electronic Discovery


BitSec Global Forensics™ is the trusted advisor for matters involving the identification, preservation, culling and production of electronically stored information (ESI).  BitSec leverages its unique real-word experience with best of breed technology to provide flexible and rapid e-discovery solutions that are reasonable and defensible.

BitSec is a valued extension of your litigation team.  Through early case assessment (ECA),  we will help you understand the universe of potentially responsive information and will provide a comprehensive, efficient, strategy for collecting, searching, and producing responsive ESI.

BitSec Global Forensics™ will work with you on site to end the guesswork associated with picking search terms.  We’ll rapidly index the key custodian’s data and then, instead of guessing which words are relevant, look at the data in real time, review the word count report and help you make decisions based on fact.  In short, BitSec will allow you to play the what-if game and see search results in real time.

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  • A defensible e-discovery plan
  • Expert testimony
  • Early case assessment and keyword testing, including frequency, duplicates, timeline, word count, extensions and custodians
  • Cloud based collections from corporate networks, or web-mail providers like Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo!
  • Social media collections from Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn
  • Forensic disk imaging or targeted preservation of files or folders 
  • Preservation and analysis of handheld devices like smart phones, iPads, and GPS devices
  • Hosted legal review using Relativity
  • Export into all major legal review formats and platforms including Concordance, Summation, and Relativity 
  • A wide variety of production formats including native, searchable PDF, PST, MSG and others
  • Bates Numbering and annotation
  • Protected chain of custody reports