With the hope of discovering some “smoking gun” evidence of trade secret infringement by our client’s former employee, we contacted BitSec to perform a very thorough (and tedious) forensic examination of the individual’s particularly large hard drive. Right from the start, Mike Webber was a pleasure to work with. He met with us at our office and quickly helped us outline a plan for mirroring and, eventually, examining the former employee’s hard drive. Mr. Webber maintained a steady stream of courteous and professional communications updating us on his progress. Needless to say, we were very pleased with BitSec’s service and would certainly use them again. Travis Meek, Attorney


Government Solutions 
BitSec Global Forensics™ is a leading provider of government solutions in the fields of computer forensics, information security, and incident response. Our nationwide staff of subject matter experts, many of whom possess active national security clearances, travel the globe in support of government initiatives related to the detection, investigation, and prosecution of cyber related crimes. Download a PDF brochure.

Expert Services
As an extension of your legal team and trusted advisor, BitSec Global Forensics™’ will provide you with an understanding of the complex electronic aspects within your case.    We will guide you through the process and reduce risk.   As your case develops, BitSec will help you develop a defensible strategy that is coordinated amongst the key stakeholders, is reasonable, and based on fact.

Digital Forensics
As a global leader in computer forensic consultancy and training, the BitSec Global Forensics™ team collects and preserves electronic data using court-approved tools and techniques. BitSec places great emphasis on producing reports that both you and the courts can understand. Chain of custody and each step of the forensic examination process are properly documented in easy to understand language.

Electronic Discovery
BitSec Global Forensics™ is a trusted adviser to law firms and corporations of all sizes for matters involving the identification, preservation, culling and production of electronically stored information (ESI). BitSec leverages its unique, real-world experience with best of breed technology to provide flexible and rapid e-discovery and computer forensic solutions that are reasonable and defensible. Download a PDF brochure.

Incident Response
BitSec Global Forensics™ also offers a wide range of incident response services to help organizations respond to today’s emerging threats. Our consultants have decades of global experience handling all types of incidents for both corporate and government clients of all sizes. We offer several different solutions based on your unique needs.

BitSec Global Forensics™ is the worldwide leader in mission specific cyber training. Our strength is our global experience and our ability to customize every training event to your company’s immediate needs. International, federal and state investigative agencies, as well as major corporate Fortune 500 companies, rely on BitSec to provide discreet and confidential, mission specific, information security and forensic training. Download a PDF brochure.

Curriculum Design
In addition to building training unique to our own clients individual needs, interests, and operating environments, BitSec Global Forensics™ has established itself as the vendor of choice for software manufacturers or organizations wishing to develop their own training programs.