We are very pleased to announce this partnership with BitSec Forensics, one of the premier forensics consultancy firms in the industry. Today hackers can detect anti-virus and other security solutions and build attacks that bypass these solutions. As a result, malware is increasingly being found in computer memory. By detecting and analyzing the malware in memory, HBGary can help provide organizations with the invaluable intelligence on the origin and capabilities of other malware found in their systems. With the right tools such as HBGary Responder and expert training from BitSec Forensics, Fortune 500 and other organizations can better protect their confidential data,” said Greg Hoglund of HBGary.


BitSec Global Forensics™ (HUBZone) has partnered with industry leaders in computer forensic hardware and software to offer its clients a unique blend of best of breed forensic solutions.

BitSec is your Single-Source Provider:

  • Nuix™ E-Discovery, Investigations, Luminate, Collector.  Training bundles available.
  • F-Response™. Training bundles available.
  • HBGary™ Responder, Responder Pro, and FastDump. Training bundles available.
  • Voom Technologies Hard Copy, Shadow, and Super Duper.
  • Inta Forensics Lima Case Management suites (SC Magazine Best Value Winner). Training bundles available.
  • Magnet Forensics Internet Evidence Finder.  Training bundles available.
  • X1 Social Discovery.  Training bundles available.

For more information, please contact a BitSec sales professional toll free at (207) 512-5420 or by email at info(at)bitsecforensics(dot)com.

qualsBitSec Global Forensics SBA HUBZone designation means Federal program managers, contracting officers, and contracting specialists will have an easy avenue in which to allow BitSec to deliver its services while assisting Federal agencies in meeting small business contracting goals. For more information, please contact a BitSec sales professional toll free at (877) 272-1417 or by email at info(at)bitsecforensics(dot)com.