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We are very pleased to announce this partnership with BitSec Forensics, one of the premier forensics consultancy firms in the industry. Today hackers can detect anti-virus and other security solutions and build attacks that bypass these solutions. As a result, malware is increasingly being found in computer memory. By detecting and analyzing the malware in memory, HBGary can help provide organizations with the invaluable intelligence on the origin and capabilities of other malware found in their systems. With the right tools such as HBGary Responder and expert training from BitSec Forensics, Fortune 500 and other organizations can better protect their confidential data,” said Greg Hoglund of HBGary.


BitSec Global Forensics™ is currently seeking qualified instructors for contract positions within our computer forensics training program.  Interested persons should at a minimum be EnCE certified, posses real-world computer forensics experience, and be a seasoned instructor.    Benefits are highly competitive and may involve domestic or international travel for periods ranging from 11 – 21 days Interested?  Send a resume to info(at)bitsecforensics(dot)com.